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What is PLINEST?

Plinest has turned up to be one of the most sought after treatments recently.  Made up of PN-HPT, developed and patented by Mastelli in Italy, it has proven to be a highly effective injectable treatment for overall improvement in skin quality and restoration of skin health in just about any body parts. 

Plinest Treatment improves skin rigidity and elasticity, enhances skin hydration and promotes collagen regeneration. 

The Original PN-HPT™ from Italy 

Mastelli, the world leader of R&D in DNA based regenerative treatment, established itself since1952 in San Remo, Italy. Being the forefather of DNA research, they have developed polynucleotides as a regenerative dermatological treatment and shared their research with many countries all over the world since 2005. This has led to many Polynucleotide (PN) and Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) based products which is now a game changer in skin treatments.


PLINEST however, is the one and only certified highly purified form of PN, with its HPT™ technology reserved and maintained by Mastelli themselves. 

Being highly purified, PLINEST treatment delivers a safe and effective result which has led to it being the product of choice by many aesthetic and dermatological physicians all over the world. 

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Skin revitalization

PN-HPT™ for skin revitalization

Plinest Trout PN

DNA fragments extracted from Italian Trout are purified into basic fragments of DNA. This DNA pieces are fixed together like jigsaw puzzle pieces in our skin to build and salvage original DNA in our skin cells to promote healthier and faster skin cell multiplication. This eventually leads to newer, healthier cells being regenerated to carry out the important function of the largest tissue in our body, which is to form a strong barrier system which reduces trans-epidermal water loss.


This is why PN gives an amazing bio-revitalization effect. Patients treated with PN has better skin radiance, brighter glow, dewy hydrated appearance and generally look younger and rejuvenated. 


Collagen Stimulation

PN, when injected intradermally, work as a biostimulator and promotes and enhances fibroblastic activity and stimulates collagen and elastin regeneration.


For this reason, PN is a perfect treatment that gives synergistic effects to maximise the results of treatments such as Picolaser, Fractional Co2 laser, Microneedling, Threadlift other Skin Boosters as well as PRP. 


Skin conditions such as acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, laxed skin and stretch marks can be greatly improved.  

Plinest PN-HPT



Promote fibroblast activity

Improve glow & radiance

Improve skin tone firmness

Improve wrinkles, pores and stretch marks

Improve hair growth

Improve vulvo-vaginal areas


pico laser for acne scars

Acne Scars

Stretch Marks.jpg

Stretch Marks

pico laser for pores

Enlarged Pores

bikini bottoms

Vulva-Vaginal Rejuvenation

pico laser for acne


Image by Oladimeji Odunsi

Scalp Health and Hair Growth

pico laser for wrinkles

Wrinkles and Rejuvenation

Natural Beauty

Neck and Decolletage


Treatment frequency and quantity may differ from person to person as every individual's skin is different. Some people achieves desirable results from one session. The usual recommended treatment protocol for PN treatment is 3 treatments spaced at  3-4 weeks interval.

Kindly arrange a personalized consultation with our doctors to properly assess your skin condition and requirement. 


There will be minimal downtime with mild swelling, needle puncture marks or small bruising which may last 3-5 days depending on individual. 

This treatment may not be suitable for you if you have known allergy to Salmon or Trout Fish. We do not recommend the treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Kindly arrange a consultation to have any of your questions answered and find out if this treatment is suitable for you. 

Treatment Results


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Images courtesy of Ardence Pharma



PN-HPT with a higher concentration 

For full face revitalization.  

Promotes fibroblast and collagen

Improves hydration and elasticity


PN-HPT with a lighter consistency 

For delicate and thin areas around the eye

Reduce dark eye circles

Improve fine lines 


PN-HPT with Hyaluronic Acid

Enhanced hydration for better radiance

Promotes fibroblast and collagen

Plinest 1.jpg


Ava is an award winning aesthetic and anti-aging wellness provider with attention to quality service and a focus on effective treatments. You can trust that we do not compromise to deliver you the best results and value to your treatment.

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No two person are the same. Similarly, everyone's skin is different and responds differently to treatments. Not all treatments are suitable for you. 

We provide treatment that is personalized to your skin condition. Our registered and qualified doctors will analyze your skin condition and recommend treatment based on your individual skin condition.

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Dr. Liang Tan

Aesthetic Physician


Get your professional consultation today. Our doctors are attentive to your needs and will offer personalized treatments best suited for you. 


Dr. Shenee

Aesthetic Physician

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Aesthetic Physician


May May

Good service , friendly staff and good doctor very patiently with customer to discuss condition

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Very good service and friendly Dr. Tan! I travel all the way from Penang for treatment!


Thanks for the nice service, the staf f is so nice and accomodating, the treatment is smooth as what i expected, the facility is good that make you love coming back again and again. thanks!


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The average treatment price for Plinest treatment varies depending on the skin problem to be treated. In Malaysia, treatment price ranges from RM 1,900 to RM 3,800 per treatment. 

At Ava Clinic, Plinest treatment price starts from RM1,900 onwards. 

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