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Private Area Lightening

Private areas such as underarm, genitals, thigh folds may appear hyperpigmented for a number of reasons. The damp environment may increase melanin deposition, giving rise to darker looking skin. Nonablative laser treatment with Q-switched Nd:Yag lasers can shatter melanosomes and lighten the darker skin appearance 


Double step treatment with a laser micro-peeling to remove excess dead skin cells followed by a second laser pass which transmits short pulse bursts of 1064nm laser energy through the skin works to target the deeper pigments. 


Laser Lightening is used to treat the underarms, genitals, buttock creases and inguinal thigh folds. 






  • Results are visible from the first treatment  

  • To achieve the best results, an initial course of four to six treatments over the space of two weeks are recommended.   

  • After your initial course of treatments, monthly treatments are recommended to maintain the best results.   

  • Boosting the hydration of the skin at the underarm area will greatly supplement the treatment for improved results.  



  • Prior to your first treatment, our clinician will consult and assess your suitability for Underarm Lightening Laser and discuss any concerns you may have. 

  • Shaving or waxing of the underarms should be done no less than 1 week prior to treatment 

  • Advise your clinician if you: 

    • Are currently undergoing, or have undergone, isotretinoin treatment or with drugs in a similar class within the last six months  

    • Are undergoing systemic gold therapy  

  • Not suitable if you: 

    • Are pregnant  

    • Has wounds or significant irritation/rashes in the treatment area  

    • Has tattoos at the treatment area 


  • You may expect the following 

    • Redness, swelling, blisters/bruising/ pinpoint bleeding which resolves within few hours. If excessive, contact the clinic.  

  • Ointments or antibiotic gels may or may not be used depending on your skin reaction. 

  • Avoid skin irritation by excessive rubbing, scratching or heat treatment to the treated area

  • Use light gel based moisturisers or hyaluronic based serums to maintain a good environment for skin repair. 

  • Avoid excessively hot showers, saunas and spas as well as heavy exercises including swimming for two days if down time occurs.  


Your health and well-being is our priority. If you are concerned about any aspect of your treatment, or if you become unwell – contact your clinic immediately.