Natural Makeup

Double Eyelid Stitching

The double eyelid stitching is a non-surgical procedure that gives you the appearance of brighter and bigger eyes.  


Surgical threads as fine as hair are inserted through several points in the eyelid crease and are anchored and hidden under the skin to give an appearance of a natural looking double eyelid crease when the upper eyelids are pulled open. 







  • Results appears natural after 1-2 weeks and are typicallly long lasting.  



  • Prior to your treatment, our clinician will consult and assess your suitability for Double Eyelid Stitching and answer any of your concerns. 

  • Withhold any medications or supplements that thins your blood such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Ginkgo Biloba, omega oils, etc. for 1 week prior to your treatment.   

  • Advise your clinician if you: 

    • Have had anti-wrinkle injections around the eyes/forehead in the past five days  

    • Have had dermal filler injections in the upper eyelid  

    • Are taking blood thinners or anticoagulants (such as aspirin, warfarin, clopidogrel, etc.) 

  • Not suitable for: 

    • Upper eyelids with severe skin laxity and excess skin  

    • Infection or skin wounds on the upper eyelids. 



  • You may expect the following 

    • Swelling, redness, bruising and bleeding which resolves in 7 to 10 days.  

    • Slight imbalance due to difference in anatomical structures or degree of swelling.  

  • Avoid getting the wound wet for the first 24 hours. If it is wet from washing, dab dry gently after wash 

  • Do not rub the eyes. 

  • Follow the instructions given by the clinician on the medications that are supposed to be taken post procedure.  

  • If external stitches are done and needs to be removed, follow the instructions on when to get them removed.  

  • We recommend a review appointment after 3 weeks to monitor the outcome.  


Your health and well-being is our priority. If you are concerned about any aspect of your treatment, or if you become unwell – contact your clinic immediately.