Covid-19 Tests

Providing Everything You Need

We provide a complete range of Covid-19 screening tests and antibody test for anyone who requires testing before interstate or international travels, those who requires it for work, or those who have contact with Covid-19 positive cases. 



The RT-PCR is the current gold standard to diagnose Covid-19 infection and has the highest accuracy in detecting Covid-19 even when viral load is low. 

Results are available in 24 -48 hours. 

Regular (24-48 hours) : RM 210

Urgent (12-24 hours) : RM 250

Stat (6-8 hours) : RM 320

*Drive-thru testing available.

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Antigen Rapid Test Kits are highly accurate and as the name suggests, gives a quick result in about 30 minutes.  We provide the following RTK-Ag tests:

  • RTK-Ag NPS (Nasopharyngeal Swab) : RM 85

    • Test Result Certificate provided

  • RTK-Ag DTS (Deep Throat Saliva) : RM 90 

    • Test Result Certificate provided

  • Self Test Kits 

    • Home use (Test Result Certificate not provided)
      • Gmate : RM19.90​​
      • Beright :  RM19.90​​

*Bulk purchases available for self test kits. For bulk purchase, please Whatsapp us at 016-3366608 or click the button below:



*Drive-thru testing / self test kit collection available. 

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Antibody Test

The Antibody Tests are used to analyse the body's immune response to Covid-19 infection or post vaccination.  It is not used to detect or diagnose Covid-19 infection. 

  • Neutralizing Antibody Assay - RTK-nAb : RM 138

  • Quantitative Antibody Analysis ELIA : RM 180

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